Developer API

A global $DoubleClick variable is defined on plugin init, making it possible to define breakpoints and place ads directly within your theme.

Quick Function Links:

1. Define Breakpoints


You can make it easier for users to target breakpoints by defining them in functions.php

function ad_setup() {

    global $DoubleClick;

    // Optionally define the network code directly in functions.php.
    // $DoubleClick->networkCode = "xxxxxxx";

    /* Define Breakpoints */
    $DoubleClick->register_breakpoint('phone', array('minWidth'=> 0,'maxWidth'=>720));
    $DoubleClick->register_breakpoint('tablet', array('minWidth'=>760,'maxWidth'=>1040));
    $DoubleClick->register_breakpoint('desktop', array('minWidth'=>1040,'maxWidth'=>1220));
    $DoubleClick->register_breakpoint('xl', array('minWidth'=>1220,'maxWidth'=>9999));



String A unique identifier for this breakpoint


Array An array of properties about the breakpoint. Currently the only keys supported are minWidth and maxWidth.

2. Place Ads


Prints DOM to display an ad at the given breakpoint.


global $DoubleClick;

// simple call:

// more options:
$sizes = array(
        'phone' => '300x50'     // show a medium rectangle for phone and up.
        'tablet' => '728x90'    // show a leaderboard for tablet and up.
        'desktop' => ''         // show no ad for desktop and up.
$args = array(
        'lazyLoad' => false     // if set to true, the ad will load only once its within view on screen.



String The DFP identifier for an ad unit (DFP does not require you to create an identifier. If this does not match a value defined in DFP, a network-wide ad will still be requested).


Array|String The size for the ad. Either a string for all breakpoints, or an array of sizes for each breakpoint.


Array (optional) An array of additional arguments. Values:

  • lazyLoad: (true/false) setting this to true and the ad will be loaded only once it's within view on the page. Default is false.

3. Troubleshooting

On any page with DoubleClick ads enabled (namely with DoubleClick js enqueued), load the included developer console to confirm data about advertisement delivery for each placement.

Append the URL with the parameter: